Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fouled Away

So Halladay bunted a ball that looked fair but was called foul tonight. The runners moved up and the Phils ended up getting the lead, and as I type, they're up by 2 in the 9th. McCarver just referred to the earlier play like this: "Never has a foul ball been so important in Philadelphia baseball history." Something like that. I'm wondering how he could forget one of the most famous foul balls in baseball history, which just so happened to occur in the ninth inning of the final game of the Phillies' first world championship with the tying runs on base:

(I actually posted this picture originally in this gallery of the 1980 WS program.)

McCarver is as silly as he was 20 years ago. A true Kent Brockman broadcaster, meaning nothing anywhere has ever happened the way it is happening right now, ever.
Probably just another example of McCarver's selective memory. He was cut by the Phils in '79, and re-signed by them in Sept '80, too late to be eligible for the WS...he's probably still mad about that. I mean, he still holds a grudge against the Sox for cutting him in the middle of the '75 season.

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