Thursday, October 07, 2010


Saw start of Twins-Yanks, till it was 2-1 them. Went to dinner. Got in car afterward, and heard the Yanks won. Freakin' Twins, man. However, my night was salvaged. I knew Nebraska was on against K State, so when I got home, I turned on the game, knowing it would be early 2nd half. Game was on a commercial. Then another, then another. I have no idea if my team is keeping its championship hopes alive. Finally, it comes back on. As they show the sponsors, we see people painted purple...and they look dejected. A guy with his hands on his head...a guy with his head buried in his arms....a guy mouthing the words "come on, now." Either the K State team has just taken out by a tornado, or we're kicking their asses. Sure enough, it was the lattski, 24-3 Big Red. And after all that, we run the next play and go like 60 yards for another TD in the blowout win. And Martinez goes on to score a few more and set a school record with 241 rushing yards. This guy is incredible, and just a freshman.

So at least I had that goin' for me. Twins need three wins in a row--game 3 Saturday in The Booger Strewn Bronx.

Ryan brought up the trap/catch at the end of game one, and how he's the only one to think it WAS a trap, or at least not definitely a catch. Well, he's got company! I forgot to bring this up at the time, but I agree that you couldn't overturn that call, even if you were allowed to use replay. First of all, I can see how an ump can call that a trap whether he caught it or not, because the glove's opening was facing down and was on the ground. Second, when he held the ball up, it was a snow cone! That suggests to me that while the ball was in the glove as it was on the ground, it HAD to be touching grass, since it was that high up. Yet A-Rod was yelling, "there's no grass on the ball!" (If that was the case, why did Girardi grab the ball from him, run it up, and give it back to the pitcher?)

The Twinkies are, to absolutely zero surprise, toast. On the bright side, at least they wore their fantastic throwback uniforms tonight.

I don't know if you've ever addressed this in an old post, but how did you end up going to college in Nebraska?
It started with liking Nebraska football. No one really knows why I chose that team. I'm guessing the attention they got in the '83 (early '84--I was 8 yrs old) Orange Bowl when they valiantly went for the win instead of settling for the tie was what led me to them, because within a few years, I was a fan and had all the Big Red gear.

Then when it was college-goin' time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I wanted that "type" of school as opposed to a little local school. Nebraska offered my major, I checked the place out, and loved Lincoln. So I went there. That was 1993--football-wise I got to witness the greatest Nebraska era first-hand.
Oh and I don't even mean I remember that game from '84 specifically, but I remember talk of the "fumble-rooski" and I'd guess my dad had a bet on the game or something, and next thing ya know, I'm a Husker fan....
See, I knew there had to be an interesting story there, since I didn't recall you saying you had family from there or anything. Never been to Lincoln, although Ive been to Omaha a few times and thought it was a nice place, gather that's about an hour away.
Yeah, 50 miles, and nothing in the middle--except, incredibly, a ski slope!
Did you see the pic on Uniwatch today of Yaz wearing a prototype pullover jersey in 1972?

Yikes! Looks like a '70's Angels jersey with the leg and sleeve piping. Glad they didn't go with that.
Wow, that does remind me of the Angels in the '81 sticker book.

(Burnt out on UniWatch a while back. Had been a daily, then one day, when i needed it most, it stopped.)
I finally watched that Golson play, and after seeing the slo-mo replay from two different angles, it was a clean catch.

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