Sunday, September 05, 2010


Got out of the independent league game (more on that later!) we went to a little after 4, and heard Castig describing a horrible inning where Chicago took the lead on infield hits, stolen bases, and two errors by two Boston pitchers.

But then Victor donged and we led again.

Then we got all the way to a restaurant near our house, an hour away, and had a two-run lead, one out, top 9. Went in to get take-out. Got back to the car, and O'Brien was describing a crazy play where nobody covered second and a run scored to cut it to one, with two outs.

Finally got home to actually see the end of the game, which consisted of us walking in several more runs, and going down quietly in the bottom of the ninth.

Loss. Swept. The other two lost today. We play three against Tampa now. Better sweep that one....


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