Friday, September 17, 2010

That Guy I Always Talk About

You should hear Francesa sheepishly defend Jeter. He's playing the "you're the one who's crazy" game while deflecting the whole thing by saying, "Is he supposed to tell the umpire he's out??"

No Mike, but he is supposed to run to first base when he hits a fair ball, not pretend he was hit by the pitch--which is what led to the ump giving him first base in the first place.

If you're gonna tell me he's doing "what anyone else would do," then you have to start treating him like everybody else. This is exactly the type of thing where if it was anyone else, you'd say "you wouldn't see Derek Jeter do that." (If you've actually paid attention instead of repeating what you hear on TV, you've noticed Jeter does things that "Jeter would never do" all the time.)

There's always an excuse for this guy. Shouldn't his supporters at least be saying something like, "I can see other players trying to take the easy way out, but I wouldn't expect it from Derek" instead of acting like he did nothing wrong? "Golden Boy made a mistake" sounds better than "If Golden Boy did it, it wasn't a mistake."

And even when Jeter himself talks about it, he's deflecting the real issue. He says, "hey, sometimes I get hit and the umpire doesn't give me first base." Yeah, well is that because the catcher played a recording of the sound of a ball hitting a bat at the moment the ball hit you? This wasn't "the umpire made a mistake, that's not my fault." This was, "I tried to make the umpire make a mistake (like I always do) and he did."

So make sure you point that out when someone gives you the "at least he was honest" excuse.

And an even less mentioned fact is how the ball was fair. The Jeter we know (ha!) is supposed to see that he hit a fair ball, and immediately start hustling to first. We'd be told that his incredible instincts allowed him to recognize that the ball went forward and he needs to run. Then the fielder would have made a bad throw and we would have been told that it was only because of Jeter's sneaky quickness that the fielder had to force it. Then the ump would have awarded him three extra bases for the ball going into the stands as a well-deserved "distinguished career/lifetime achievement"-type reward. And we'd be told that you can't teach that. And the camera would somehow cut to a shot of Jeter clapping in the dugout as he himself crossed the plate.

Ya know, I don't even care if every single person in the media and every fan comes to the conclusion that Jeter did nothing wrong. I'm just glad that finally, after 15 years, this guy's name is finally being mentioned in the same sentence as "cheating" somewhere besides this blog.

Oh my heavens, I'm laughing so hard I can barely see. Your second to last paragraph is both spleen-burstingly funny and dead-on accurate.

I couldn't find the quote from that year he sold a call against the Twins in the playoffs and when asked about it he said "we got away with one there." As if he had nothing to do with the call being wrong.

I'm wondering if Jeffrey Maier was an inspiration for his career: Hey, that kid did something you're not supposed to do, and it led to good things. What if I bring that mentality to the field??
If it helps, I've been calling Jeter a cheater for years. Ever since that radar gun sham he was called on in '04. But, you probably meant other places that people might actually read.
Hey I read your site almost daily, others should too.

I also meant the 96-03 era before I started a blogging when I was just calling him a cheater out loud.

Anyway, glad you've been on board.
Ooooh. So you're the one.
I'm figuring that there has been a couple of thousand attempts at SS, of his "Magnificent Fakery", only this time, I suspect, the tide will turn.
Hey, leave Captain Intangibles alone! He can't help it if he needs a little extra help getting on base to offset his rapidly-declining baseball skills!

I wish BSM were still around to debate you on this one. I'm in your camp though. I wouldn't even fault him for just shaking his hand a little and taking his base if the ump was gonna give it to him; that kind of stuff has gone on for the entire 140 years or so that they've been playing professional baseball (see Victor against the Devil Dogs a couple weeks ago), and now that we know the '51 Giants pretty much cheated their way to the Shot Heard 'Round the World, I can't work up much outrage for this type of stuff. But the over the top acting job and bringing out the trainer was too much. And the kicker, as you note, is that even while it reveals Jeter to be just another player as far as on-field tactics and ethics, it won't stop the dumb-ass Jeter worshipers in the media from continuing to tell us how classy he is and how he plays the game "right" despite the obvious evidence to the contrary.

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