Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tarzan Boyz

The sign Lester was having a bad night was not that a pitch slipped out of his hand and went to the backstop with a man on third, but that he didn't even cover the plate at first. But he settled down and kept us in it! And just when it looked like he'd take the L, a six-run 7th inning for us. And if you had any doubt that our guys are still trying, I hope you saw the scene in our dugout. These guys wanna win. So we got that going for us.

Yanks and Rays won. So we stay [big number] games out.

The stretching woman at Camden is pretty amusing. She's no "umpire guys," but she seems to have great passion for her schtick.

New England f0rd dealers, still the official car of the Boston Red Sox. Still using the old logo. Now in September. Of the new logo's second year. Let's see if they make it all the way to 2011!


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