Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Standing At An Empty Camden Yards With A Thumb Up Your Ass

Remember how pissed I was when MLB started putting ads right on teams' schedules on their sites? Well, I'm still pissed whenever they do it, which fortunately isn't that often. Today, I noticed a hideous ad for an HBO show on the Sox' September sked. Once again, MLB has chosen dollars over sense, and made the ad a solid color, possibly confusing people, since a white background is a road game, while your team's color is a home. So people who glance at their team's sked might think Sunday the 26th's road game is a home game at first. Especially if their team's color is close to orange! Look at the Orioles' schedule. I'd guess 90% of people who look at the 26th would initally think that away game was a home game. Because it's fucking orange. And then about 50% of those will continue thinking it's a home game. And then if even .01% go to Camden Yards that day, MLB should pay for their gas money. (In conjunction with the fine folks at BP? Huh?)

Check out the Astros and Giants, too. (How perfect is it that all the orange teams are on the road that day...)


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