Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So even though we're closer to the Rays, we have to root against the Yanks I think, because with them, we know 6 potential wins that would automatically mean gaining a game. There are zero of those if we're trying to catch the Rays. Also, do I really need a reason?

Hey, when Celts tix went on sale a few days ago, I got shut out of the $10 seats for the first time in years. They just sent out a reminder e-mail, so I figured I'd try again, what the hell, maybe they released more. Well, I got 'em. So if you got shut out that day, try now. (Note to new people: I'm not a C's fan but my girlfriend is and it's fun to go to NBA games, so....) It's sickening that the second-least expensive tickets for all games is well over $50, and for, say, the Lakers, it's over $130.

Buchholz tonight vs. O's.


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