Saturday, September 04, 2010

Red Sox 2010 Season In Danger Of Meeting Mork

Article by the guy who wrote the Happy Days where Fonzie jumped the shark, defending his episode.

Isn't it funny how that moment was the one the originators of the term chose, when on the same series, later in the same season, you had Fonzie and the crew meeting Mork from Ork? So what I'm saying is, I think Happy Days "Mork-met" when they met Mork....

Game 1, 1:05. Stay alive, gentlemen.

The Sox' season jumped the shark when Beckett imploded that Friday night in Texas.

They met Mork last Sunday night in Tampa.

Right now Ritchie's on the DL, Fonzie is a shadow of himself and retiring at the end of the season, Ted McGinley is starting in center, and Potsie and Ralph Malph are getting way too much playing time.

The good news is, we just traded Chachi to Colorado.

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