Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pics From 9/11

Three pics from NYC last weekend.

The first two are from SoHo. The last one is Union Square at night. It happened to be September 11th, so you can see the twin beams of light coming from Ground Proverbial Zero.

I honestly wasn't going for a verti-rama here. Just picked the three pics I wanted to show. But it worked out. I should put these three side by side and make a poster or something.

Very nice pictures, Jere. I was at the ceremonies at Ground Zero for the 9th straight year. Forever a sacred day for me.
Beautifully Done, Jere!
BTW, I viewed "Waterfire" on Randomonium on You Tube:

It being a rather-artistic show, take it over to, sign up for a free account & upload the show;
The Video would look almost HD over there.
I'm also in a web series. It can be accessed by going to, called "Peripheral City".
It's a Fringe Soap Opera/Dark Comedy.

I appear in Webisode 4/yes, I'm wearing a Red Sox Cap & my Producer/Director, Amanda Cole is from Cambridge on the Red Line.
Requiscant In Pacem, Joyce Carpinetto!
Michael, I actually shot a video that night that made me think of you--I will post it soon.

I think I tried Vimeo once, and the video wasn't "Accepted"---then after I'd long forgotten about it, I get an e-mail, "your vid was accepted!" For now I'll stick with Tube, but thanks.

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