Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nothing Left

Geraldo, talking about the famous "Al Capone's vault" show:

"What the camera doesn't show is me walking straight across the street from the old Lexington Hotel to a catfish restaurant with a tequila bar and I proceeded to get totally wasted."

That show was from 1986. I remember my sister and I being allowed to stay up to see the end, and a whole lotta nothin'.

Hey, did you know Pedro shared his 2004 ring with the people of Montreal? I missed this at the time. What a guy that Pedro is.

Sox/Raze. 7:10.

Wow, I didn't know that either. It makes me want to do something sweet and selfless, because for me, being nice is a competition.

I still can't believe that time the Expos played half its games in Puerto Rico. Seems so bizarre, now.

Why is there not a great book about Pedro Martinez? Or is there?

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