Monday, September 06, 2010

Niemann: Mark Us Down For a Blowout

If you're looking for my Bill Lee/Brockton stuff, the video appears in my new episode of Randomonium here. The pics are in this post.

Gained on both teams today for a change. Of course, there's another team ahead of us thanks to that weekend shit-fest so I should be including them. 12-5 win. All we gotta do is win every night. That's all.

Terrible job by that umpire. Gets a beach ball and commits the cardinal sin of beach ball transportation--throwing it through the air and assuming it will go right where you want it to. I think we all knew that thing was gonna blow back toward the field--that's why it was there in the first place. He then compounds his mistake thinking a little kick will magically send the ball right under the camera well railing. Of course, rattles around and stays on the field. Now he knows there's no more screwin' around. All eyes are already on him. Even Remy lets out a pissed command to get rid of the thing already. So he tosses it over, starts to turn away, and it hits something and bounces back on the field again! Finally he gets it over and makes sure it stays on the fourth attempt and comes back with a huge smile on his face. Classic stuff. Check it out on or something. But, uh, I couldn't tell you what inning it was. Good luck.


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