Wednesday, September 15, 2010


For possibly the first time in 2010, we get the "if" we were looking for. A sweep, and now we've already reached the 6 mark. 6 back of the Yanks, knowing we play 6 more against them. (Season series is 7-5 them right now if you are the one person besides me thinking home field advantage for a one-game playoff to determine wild card.) Also 6.5 back of Tampa. Just gotta catch one of 'em. (And we've put 2.5 games between us and Chicago.)

Back home for the Jays Friday night. I've got some tickets for upcoming games. Like Madison said to Alan, "please make them wonderful." Or something to that effect.

I'm sure you've seen the video of Jeter pretending to be hit by a pitch by now. As you might guess, this doesn't surprise me. This is the most deceiving, chicanerous player of our era. (Yet even Bostonian dads have been trained to say "when I teach my son the game, I show him Derek Jeter.") Jack-knifes out of the way of inside pitches to make them appear to be balls, over-sells every call at second base even when he knows the runner was safe, and now with the acting career. I guess when you're so overwhelmingly overrated, you try to get all the advantages you can get. One day this guy's empire's gonna fall (like they'll find out he cheats on his taxes or something), and when it does, I'm gonna be, as Mr. Henry said to Future Man, "front and center, laughin' my fucking head off." Or something to that effect.

I read about this sham in the morning Courant but seeing it makes it SO much better. Thanks Jere. I guess he was doing his job (get on base) but his ethics were and have been highly questionable. Bum.
Even more annoying than Derek Jeter's acting like that clanking sound was the ball hitting his elbow was his silly interview after the game. The lady interviewer asks him where the ball hit, Jeter admits it hit the bat, and then she asks him if he "milked it". Cheater Boy says, well, the ump told him to go to first, so he's not going to disabuse him. Uh, Derk, the ump gave you first base based on your reaction. Your fake and feigned reaction. Cheating bastard.

It was the most annoying, smug thing Derk has said since the infamous, grinning "I don't care" uttered after that kid stole the fly ball out of Tony Tarasco's glove in 1996, throwing the series to the MFY's.

I hope they lose every game the rest of the year, and go 0-162 next year, culminating in Derk's unconditional release.
Also, let's not forget that it should have been called a FAIR ball!

Wanted to get to first base?? Then run there! You just hit a fair ball!
The most surprising thing about this is that yanks didn't "miraculously" win on a cheap bloop hit made possible by his antics.
I can't wait until Tom Hanks announces Derek Jeter as Best Actor at the Oscars, as was reported by Steve Sommers on WFAN.
I wonder just how much hay will be made of this by Tim Mc Carver on FOX this Saturday.

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