Thursday, September 30, 2010

Base Ball

While watching Ken Burns' Baseball last night, I switched over to NESN for one second, and fittingly, the screen was black. At the end of the show, I discovered all the non-local channels were out, and I had to do that thing where you call a number to get your channels back.

Anyway, it was pretty sweet watching all the '04 stuff. I love how Pedro was so prominent in the show. (There's also a documentary about him airing on one of the sports channels, watch for that.)

You might remember I'd been waiting to see if I was in the show, because of that day Burns was shooting all around Fenway. Those shots were all over the thing--there was one wide shot of the stands that was on for a while while Doris was speaking. I'll have to slo-mo that--I might be in....

More on everything later. As usual.

I liked it, but:

Too much Mike Barnicle
Too much Doris Kearns Goodwin
Too much on the MFYs' late 90's reign of terror
Not enough Pedro

Howard Bryant was fantastic, however. I think the Tenth Inning suffers by comparison to the original nine innings of Baseball because it's about a bunch of relatively recent events that are still very fresh in my memory, and with the exception of the Sox '04 stuff kind of played out for me. I mean, I really didn't need to go over the McGwire/Sosa stuff again. On the other hand, the White Sox win the World Series for the first time in 89 years, and they barely acknowledged that event.

I'm hoping that the ESPN 30 for 30 piece about the '04 ALCS, Four Days in October, next week will be better.
I was thinking how the music had no chance of working. They played some old funk songs and... I guess the one song from the actual "era" was that White Stripes song, and I don't like them.

Yes, White Sox screwed.

And no '99 All-Star Game legends-gathering.

He had to get a lot in, so....

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