Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Autograph Alley Sked This Homestand

All of this seems a little less important what with Jennifer Jason Leigh holding the Cash Cab hostage or whatever, but...

Friday (9/3): Sam Horn
Sat (9/4): Joe Hesketh
Sun (9/5): Oil Can Boyd (how you like my ticket now?? still available if anyone wants it)
Mon (9/6): Billy C.
Tues (9/7): Dick Berardino (plus photos with a current player at NESN pre-game stage)
Wed (9/8): Skip Lockwood

Jere, where is this? Going to the 9/6 game, wish it was Sam Horn or Skip Lockwood though - I have their cards.
It's been moving around over the years, but as of recently it's in the The Souvenir Store/Yawkey Way Store/Red Sox Team Store--kind of at the spot where the two major rooms meet.
The Jennifer Jason Leigh comment went straight over my head. Not the first time, nor the last.

Skip Lockwood was a very good reliever for the Metsies in the late 70's, but was pretty lousy in his one year with the Sox. He signed an autograph for me at Yankee Stadium in 1980; I remember him telling me he was not at all happy with how he was being used by Zimmer...don't know how that came up, or why he would share that with a 16-yr old boy.
JJLee/Discovery Channel.

I think I had Lockwood's 81 card.

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