Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Non-Win

Buchholz had a shutout going with two outs in the 6th, when Scutaro once again wasn't Alex Gonzalez. And then we lost by like 8 runs.

I was pissed at Don/Rem, too. Ninth inning, they start mocking the fans, saying we've been arriving late and leaving early. I'd just been talking on Sunday about how great it was to still see Fenway packed. How a lot of people who couldn't afford tickets were now able to get in. And then these guys start with the drama and the lies. The worst was showing empty seats--in an 8-1 game in the ninth!--and saying overdramatically, "we are not accustomed to seeing this." Blow it out your ass, Don. Remy also noted that "nobody's watching" in a recent west coast game. That I was watching.

Was good to hear Ken Burns in the booth tonight--for a guy who knows his stuff he should know the 2004 comeback was 3-0, not 2-0, but still. (He wouldn't have been the only one had he gone with 3-1.) Can't wait to see the new inning of Baseball.

Scutaro has an inflammed rotator cuff; he can barely throw, and really shouldn't be on the field this month playing in these meaningless games.

AGonz has been an overrated fielder for most of his career, but I looked up his fielding #'s this year, and I have to give him his due...he's having the best fielding year of his career by far.
He's fielding better than ever NOW? I don't even wanna hear that....
And also, you can rate the guy over or under or whatever, he's still amazing and has instincts you can't teach. And not in a fake Jeter way, like, for realz.
Looking at the BBReference's Total Zone Fielding Runs Above Avg, he has been off the charts good this year, to the extent that I have trouble trusting it knowing that there is a lot of noise in the results for any one season. By contrast, he was just slightly above average for the Sox in '06, and below average for the Sox in his short stint in '09. For his career he's been a good fielder, but nothing special.
Well then I think those stats are confusing the Alex Gonzalezes... he's got special up the wazoo.
Yeah, so I should know better than to go by BBRef's fielding data. Looking at Fangraph's UZR, he was actually better in '06 and in '09 than he is this year....7th best fielding SS in baseball this year. Good, but I'm still not writing home about him or anything.

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