Wednesday, September 08, 2010

All-Blowout Series

Kicked the crap out of the Rays twice, got it kicked out of us once. I'm still holdin' out hope here....

Wake became the oldest Socker to get a win--wait, didn't I say earlier that I'd be sure to be at this game when it happened? Oh well.

Again, a ball almost goes into that Fisk-cam hole in the left field scoreboard! Which is nearly impossible!

Papi one dong away from 30 with almost a month left.

We go to the west coast one last time now.... Need a 5-1 road trip. Minimum.

The best the Sox have done in any 22-game stretch this year is 16-6. If they manage that again, they'd need the Devil Dogs to go 9-14 to tie for the Wild Card.

If the Rays maintain their .604 winning % for the balance of the year, they'd go 14-9, and the Sox would need to go 21-1.

So, it's gonna take an epic collapse by Tampa. Yeah, I know, you hate the 'math'. I don't blame you, because the 'math' really hates us at this point. Don't mind me, I'm just talking to myself...
I love the math. And I love that it tells me we're alive!

(GLEEPZORP5+ is what I hate.)
Yes, I realize that I won't be running into you at any SABR conventions. Partly because I wouldn't be there either.

Anyway, even though the math tells me the Sox are about as alive as Generalissimo Francisco Franco, this September feels a lot different that 2006, which really was a total shit-show. I mean, back then not only were the Sox done and in free-fall with guys like Kevin Jarvis starting games, but we were dealing with Lester's illness, Papi's heart palpitations, and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing that went right that month was Hansack's shortened no-hitter, and that didn't even count.

By contrast, I'm really enjoying this team this month. They're completely outmanned with Youks and Pedey out, but McDonald and Nava have been great stories, and now we get to watch the kids. Great to see Kalish / Salty / Reddick / Anderson all up and contributing; really looking forward to seeing them develop into the core.

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