Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All At Once

It is designed to break your... no, eff that. Tonight 2010 ends. But tomorrow...2004 is back!

From 8-10, I watched the top of the tenth inning of Ken Burns' Baseball, with the AL scoreboard up on my laptop. As each year of the 90s went by on the TV, each inning of tonight's action passed on the computer. The Rays won, and it was up to the Yanks to lose to keep us alive.

Then the show ended.

Then the season ended.

All at once.

Think of the day after the season ended in the past. Go back a decade or two. What did you do? There should be a lot of sleeping and crying and pouting in those answers. Now think of what you'll get to do tomorrow, the day after 2010 officially ended. You'll get to watch the bottom of the tenth inning of the Baseball documentary. You'll get to relive something so incredible, you might swear is was just a movie. Except that you remember it, because it happened, a mere six years ago, and you were there. It's still in your memory, as clear and vivid as a cool October...oh right, we're keeping the poetry to a minimum this time.

For those of us who stuck with the 2010 Red Sox until 15 minutes ago (those who learned something from 2004), it is a sad night. But tomorrow our tears will be joyful. That's a very good thing.


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