Thursday, August 12, 2010

Worst Day Of The Season

This morning I woke up to see that the Yanks had come back from a huge deficit. This afternoon I flipped on the Sox game on yahoo sports just in time to see us blow the game. And just now, to wrap it up, I got home from Shaun of the Dead, having purposely forgotten about--and not gotten my hopes up about--the Yanks-Royals game. Flipped it on Gameday, and saw the Royals were down 4-3, bottom 9, two outs...but they were rallying and had just scored 2! Man on second! And the guy gets an "in play, no out"! Game's gotta be tied!, single where the guy doesn't score. So I turn on MLBN and sure enough they're showing the ending. So I get to see one batter...and he strikes out to end the game. So morning, noon, and night, I thought good would happen, but bad won out. Baseball gods, you're a bunch of pricks. Stop it.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Every pitch Paps threw was SO hittable. It happens but it ain't fun, not by a long shot.

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