Monday, August 09, 2010

Sox In NYC (We Win)

Game updates below.

Saturday in New York, walked by Pat O'Brien's on the UES. As you know, they've been a Sox bar for a while, even with a big sign on the front window saying the games are on TV there. Well, now they've gone as far as painting the Sox logo in the window. Which is awesome, except...they're using, you guessed it, the old version of the logo:

As you can see, they're only in the outlining stage. Click the pic and look closely and you'll see the BOSTON is in the old bold font. There's still time to correct the mistake!

3:03 pm: We're up 2-0 in the third, Hughes has thrown a lot of pitches...

3:31: We still lead 2-0 in the 5th. Funny how Remy was saying how he walked "quite a distance" on Saturday in NYC--6-7 blocks. I just finishing mapping out my walk in NYC the same day: 16.3 miles!

4:02: Lester lost his no-hitter in the 5th, but we still lead 2-0 in mid 6th.

4:24: Left 2nd and 3rd in the 7th. Those 2 extra runs woulda been nice. 2-0 at the stretch. Lester still goin' strong.

4:34: Since I wrote those last words, Lester has given up: single, double, HBP to load bases, but got a K, and now Bard comes in....

4:40: Bard strikes out Cheater and Dick Bitcher! We get out of the loaded, no-out jelly. 8th coming up...2-0 us.

4:55: Bard puts one in Teixeira's wheelhouse and he goes deep. 2-1. A-Rod single now, still no out, bottom 8.

5:08: Yanks have 2 on, 2 out in the 8th, Papelbon coming in. 2-1 us.

5:11: One pitch and they're done in the 8th! 2-1 us going to the 9th.

5:32: Up 2-1, Pap gets the first guy out in bottom 9.

5:42: Pap Ks that whore Teixeira with the tying run on second to end it, and we beat those fuckers 2-1.

I remember that place from my wife's old UES days. Love the sentiment, but unfortunately I think they're just asking for a big rock to come through that window.

Well, that was two more wins than I was expecting this weekend; even Paps did a nice job this series. Remarkably, still alive for the wild card.
Yeah their sign before (you can see it on Google Street Views) was huge but not as Red Sox-y--this one is blatant. (Who knows how long this paint project has been going on, too....)

Wild card...or more babeeee
that whore Teixeira


It's the mark of a fine pitcher when his team doesn't score for him, and instead of taking a tough loss, he hangs a tough loss on the other guy. And great work from Bard to strike out those two guys... forget their names just now, and Papelbon to finish it.
If you'd have told me we'd split in NY, I'd have said, "I'LL TAKE IT!" Rather than be bummed about not making up more ground, I'm just happy to stay withing striking distance of the Rays.

Is it not your civic duty to inform this establishment of their folly?
i'm hoping they had all these people say "wait you're screwing it up!" and so they stopped and are currently trying to figure out how to erase the original outline.
Remy: 6-7 blocks
You: 16.3 miles

Well, Remy's effort was a far greater accomplishment for him than your hike was for you! I'm surprised he didn't take a cab!

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