Saturday, August 28, 2010

Since The All-Star Break

Since the break:

Red Sox: 23-18 (8-8 in July, 15-10 in August)

Yankees: 22-17 (10-5 in July, 12-12 in August)

Devs: 24-16 (10-5 in July, 14-11 August)

The Orioles are also 14-11 in August. The Jays are 13-11. So we are barely winning August over the Rays, O's, and Jays, while the Yanks take the Loser prize. There are a few games left in the month though. Basically this division has stayed pretty much the same since the break, but the Sox have done the most positive moving lately, the only team in the league with as many as 7 wins in its last 10. It shall continue. All we have to do is catch one of these two above us, though I prefer to pass both.


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