Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road To The Playoffs Starts Tonight!

FIne job by HH tonight. 6-0 WIN. Yanks and Raze also winning right now.

Great to see Kalish get a grand dong. He was psyched--as much as I was to see Dustin back on the field.

The Darnell dong was great, too, right through a back windshield. I wonder if we'll hear about the innocent fan from Smithfield who got a check to cover the damages, and an autographed ball, from McDonald. I think it might even be a street vendor's car, as it was right next to Mr Sausage's truck.

Lots of talk of Clay's first MLB start, three years ago today. Check out my photo gallery from that day at Fenway (and see how many people missed his first pitch!).

Looks like they finally did get rid of those middle seats right behind home plate. That spot in row 1 and 2 was right at the bottom of the aisle so you'd have to hop over to get there (with your gold shoes). Once before I thought they were removed, but you just couldn't see them when someone's not in them, since they're so low. But now I really think they're gone. Kapstein even had to move over. Maybe this was done so he could get out easier!

The missing Wally conversation was some funny S.

I always love when the announcers mock a sponsor. Remy said that stupid New York Life organ sounds like a funeral....


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