Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Rare Easy Win

Buchholz, fine. A lot of runs scored. Win. I still feel like we can win like every game because of our great starting pitching. Starters make bullpen look great, in turn makes offense look great. But then I remember Lackey. If that guy can be what he's supposed to, we're gold. He's shown a little of it lately. The goal for Aug and Sept and Oct: no losing.

Buchholz = Great
Lester = Great most of the time
Beckett, Lackey, Dice, Wake = Not Anything Remotely Resembling Great

And don't get me started again on the bullpen.
Apropos of nothing, I finally made it to the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park today. Worth the wait (I went at 2:30pm)

Shake Shack = Buchholz = Great
Like I said, don't get me started on the bullpen. Can't wait 'til Papelbon is off this team, and Bard is closing.

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