Wednesday, August 11, 2010


When the Red Sox have a 5-ish game lead going into an early August series against the Yankees, what does everyone (meaning the media and those they've brainwashed) say? "Here come the Yankees!" and "The choke is on!", along with various "rear view mirror"-related illustrations. This will happen even in years in which we've won the damn division or even the World Series the previous season.

But what did we hear going into this past weekend, when it was the Yanks who had the lead? "The Yanks are looking to put Boston away" and other "foot on throat" themes.

Can't say I didn't know that would happen...

Gotta gain ground these next two days, because we head to Texas for the weekend. The Yanks have to face Cliff Lee tonight. Us @ TOR, 7:07.

Well, there were a few extenuating circumstances:

- The Sox' best player is lost for the season
- The Sox' 2nd best player is out for another couple of weeks
- The Sox' bullpen is still lousy beyond Bard and (when he screws his 10-cent head on right and actually throws something other than fastballs) Paps
- The Sox' fielding and back end of the starting rotation, ostensibly their strengths coming into the season, have been terribly erratic
- The Sox played like shit through most of July
- Sweeping the Halos in Disneyland was great, splitting the MFY series in the Bronx was good, but losing two games to the shitty Tribe at home was pretty inexcusable for a team making a push for the postseason.
- And, last but certainly not least, they're not even in 2nd place...why shouldn't the Rays be considered the bigger threat?

I mean, I certainly agree that pre-2004 the Sox always got a raw deal in the media, and to a lesser degree that's remained the case post-'04, but given all of the above, viewing them as a longshot this year doesn't strike me as unreasonable.

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I'll go back to changing diapers now...

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