Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Dog Day Left

We're like a million games out, but the Yanks don't have a lot of pitching and we're playing the Orioles. So they're the ones we're shooting for...it can happen.

Contest a few posts down. Enter before tonight's game starts.

Theo apparently doesn't share your optimism...looks like he's a seller at the trade deadline. Just sent Delcarmen to the Rockies for a minor league pitcher and cash. Although, I guess you could call this deal addition by subtraction; I would have taken a bag of broken bats for MDC. Maybe he can get something for Beltre today too.
So, wait a minute...supposedly Texas asked for Lowell, and Theo told them he wasn't available?!? I would have settled for half a bag of broken bats for Mikey...

I'm liking what I hear about this young pitcher Balcom-Miller that we picked up for MDC though...sounds like we might have gotten a steal.

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