Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Northern Lights To Destroy Us All!

This story is spreading like butterfire! My co-worker told me that we have a chance at seeing the northern lights tonight, as it will be visible from much farther south than usual. At that point, there were three stories online about it. Fifteen minutes later, it's out of control.

This is either gonna be a hell of a show, or the Al Capone's Vault of the 21st century.

My aurora borealis history:

1989 (?) My mom and I looked out the back sliding door and really thought we saw it. Kind of a green tint. Might not have been anything.

2001-ish: My band The Pac-Men were playing a show in upstate New York. Driving on I-90 east of Buffalo we saw it, again green but much clearer this time. Pulled over, tried to take pics, they barely came out.

2003-ish: This was the grand champion. A no-doubter. Driving up route 7 north of New Milford, CT, pulled over by that Furnace thing and watched for a long time as the sky turned all sorts of crazy shades of purple. Just like you see on TV. Couldn't believe it was really happening.

So get your ass outside tonight and prepare from the coming of Gozer.

YES! I'm psyched about this! I have always wanted to see it. It's on my proverbial list of things to do in my life.
The more I read about this, the more it seems like for tonight's, you'd have to be farther north, like upstate NY--but I'll be outside anyway looking up! Good luck, everybody...
Lame. I hope I see it.

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