Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Well that snowballed outta control in a hurry. Dick Street point five. I hope Lester's okay, because he'd be, like, the only one who is. Oh except for Scutaro with his non-instinctive attempts at plays that Alex Gonzalez makes with one nut tied behind his ass.

Youks out for season + Pedroia out another couple of weeks + our lousy bullpen + 6.5 game deficit = Bye Bye Postseason

Guess it's time to think about trading Beltre.
Where are you seeing Youk's out for the season?

And the pen will look fine a long as our starters are awesome the rest of the way. I'm still banking on this.
Keith Idiot Olbermann, of all people, claimed Youkilis was out for the season. Youk disputes that cliam.

Regardless, you can't drop games to the Indians, injuries or not.
I saw that story too after I saw AJM's comment--but since that story was from beFORE the game, and AJM wrote that after the game, I figured he heard new info.

But yeah I LOVED that Youk called that asshole Haggerty out for getting his "news" from Twitter.

I hate that a piece of shit like that even is allowed to talk to MY players.
I saw the Olbermann story and know that it's been discredited, but that's irrelevant to me. My comment was based on the fact that it's hard to imagine a torn thumb muscle/ligament not requiring surgery, and it's hard to imagine surgery not requiring the balance of the season to fully heal. But, you can change the term in the equation to "Youks out for a couple weeks" and it would still work out to equaling no postseason. Playoff teams don't lose two games at home to the shitty Tribe in August. And Lester hasn't looked awesome lately. This weekend in the Bronx could end up being really brutal.

My hope is that, unlike '06, Tito doesn't do stuff like let Mark Loretta play 1B ahead of Carlos Pena...time to spend the rest of this year evaluating and positioning the roster for success next year and beyond.
And now, to no surprise, Youks' surgery/out for the season prognosis is official. Checkmate.

The one thing about Lester's recent lousy outings...he just became a dad for the first time, and I can say now from very recent experience that he certainly has a built-in excuse. I took two weeks off from work when the twins were born; I can't imagine trying to focus on pitching in the majors.

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