Sunday, August 08, 2010

Loose Ca-Non

Cano is such a nonchalant dick. I love that in the All-Star Game, the whole world saw it in action on an early ground ball that he botched with his nonch. routine.

Tonight, he did that thing where you just stand and watch the first pitch go by. I wondered if it would piss Beckett off. Well, Josh hit him the next time, but not because he was throwing at him, but because the pitch curved toward Cano's knee, and the asshole was doing his stand-there number and made no attempt to move--or even watch the ball. Yet the ump gives him first. And I couldn't hear the announcers since I was yelling at the screen, but I did catch Orel Sax say that he "couldn't get out of the way." He could have if he'd tried! Pitch should have been called a ball, not a HBP. Textbook "no attempt to move."

And as I've said before, Pedroia does this too, on 3-0. He's gonna get hit one day and not have time to brace for it. Unlike with Cano, I hope he doesn't get hurt.

Anyway, Beckett outpitched tonight by...that old Redskins kicker I think. We lose. Day game tomorrow, and I'll get to see it because it's a holiday in my state! And my state only!

I believe that was Alonzo Moseley. No, Mark Moseley.

The Sox just can't lose to a guy like this, and he beats Beckett, too.

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