Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lacking Luster

I'm positive 80-90 percent of the time. Maybe more. But an early lead for Lackey? Count on him to appear to try really hard and get pissed when he does just enough to give the other team the win. If this guy was a hitter, I'd be saying the term "warning track power" a lot.

So shitty that all goes right on Friday, we win, other two lose, and all goes wrong on both Saturday and Sunday. We should not have let that happen. Should have gotten a much bigger lead for Dumb-bag tonight.

What a dope Morgan is. Devils are one out away, and of course their fans are cheering. Morgan decides to say that the people who came to tonight's game (as opposed to the 13,000 no-shows) are Rays fans. Cut to a shot of the crowd that clearly shows Sox fans, and Joe has to amend by saying there are a few Sox fans but it's a Rays crowd. Our fans had such a great showing down there this weekend--and Joe said earlier he watched the first two games. It was clearly a case where he got caught up in the cheering crowd and just said something untrue. (Maybe he also should have pointed out that a huge part of the Tampa crowd are dirty Yankee fans who now can where Rays jerseys when they play the Red Sox.)


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