Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is This Some Kind Of Sick Joke?

Here's what happened on Friday night:

We go down 2-0 in the first two innings on some bloops and deflected balls and crap, and it looked like a night where nothing goes right and we get blown out. But of course, things can change and they did.

A solo dong puts it back to 2-1 in the 3rd. Then in the 4th, we hit three homers in a row to knock out their starter. The inning continues and I remember it getting to 7-2 and thinking we've got it. Win. Then Papi beats out a DP ball, and another run scores. 8 to effing 2.

So then I was doing something else for a little bit, I come back to the game and it's 8-4, and Beckett's just starting to pitch in the 5th. Again I leave the TV but this time I could hear it, and I heard a home run. Then more noise. 8-6 very quickly, as Beckett clearly didn't have it.

Then Kim and I went to look for shooting stars. Got back in the car and Texas got 2nd and 3rd. I knew from Joe's cues that we must have added to the lead while we were out of the car. It was true, we were up 9-6 now, and they score on a sac fly to make it 9-7. But with two outs...

A liner to right. Looks at first like it's gonna get down, but it hangs up for Drew, and he makes the....NO. It hits off his glove. Easy catch, he misses it. Even though Josh sang the browns tonight, and even though Drew hit two dongs, this was the key moment in the game. Would have ended the 7th inning with us up 2. Instead, it's a on-run game. (And, of COURSE, in this bullshit world where any ball hit by the home team, if not an out, it a hit, they actually don't give Drew an error. He went over, stuck his glove up, it HITS HIS GLOVE, but he misses it. From now on, I'm the official scorer, and that's an error.

In the 8th, Bard gets the first two outs, then a double. Then Vlad hits a grounder up the middle. Lowrie gets to it but doesn't plant and throw--does the off-balance, off the wrong foot throw, and it's way off line, and the Old Man actually gets an infield single. Oh, and the guy comes all the way around from second to tie the goddamn game.

Stays tied until bottom 11, Wake comes in, throws one pitch, dong. We lose.

Update 1:47 am: Yanks finally lose after two long delays. And they leave the tying run at third in the ninth. So I can sleep a little easier.


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