Thursday, August 19, 2010

Imperfect 10

Looked good for a while, but Beckett just lost it. We're done. Until tomorrow night!

You know, we've been kinda wasting our time with all this Pap talk, when the winner of the "Guy Who Was Huge for Us in '07, But is Currently Killing Us and Makes a Shitload of Money" Award is clearly Beckett. Don't know if he's still hurt or what, but given that the Sox pretty much need to run the table over the next six weeks to have any chance of making the playoffs, if I were Tito I'd start skipping his starts.

Noteworthy that our three best pitchers by far, Lester, Buchholz, and Bard, are young and still pretty cheap, while the highest paid guys...Beckett, Lackey, and, to a lesser degree, Paps and Dice...are the ones dragging us down. Don't know if that says anything, good or bad, about the front office.
See that speech Bunge-amin gives at the end of Wayne's World.

I also see Drew as one of those guys--paid an unbelievable amount of money to have the same amount of HRs as Bill Hall.

But Drew specifically aside, I think that the Yanks' billion-dollar no-ring stretch should have taught everyone that you need more than high-paid superstars to win. (In their case, they solved it by putting an ungodly amount of $ on TOP of it, but no other teams can really do that.)
Yeah, I knew you'd take a shot at Drew. Drew is modestly overpaid, and starting to decline, but he's head and shoulders above Hall as a ballplayer.

Among the position players, Lowell and Cameron are far more overpaid right now than Drew.

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