Monday, August 23, 2010

Goin' North

When Kalish got that sac bunt down and was greeted by a sweatshirted mob in the dugout, I had visions of October baseball. Also was a key play, as Scutaro then broke the 7th-inning tie with a two-run single.

I saw a dude that looked like Lackey at the Phoenix Diner in Absecon, New Jersey this morning. That guy could have made the play on the little grounder back to the mound. Lackey didn't, and it almost ended up costing us the game. You could see it coming on that play. Know what else I could see coming? The fly ball to left that the guy botched for them which also led to runs. Wind was blowing in so you knew he'd have to go far for it, and as he got closer to that wall, a disaster was imminent. A weird weather day led to the weirdness. Was so odd to be sitting there in Old Lyme, Connecticut this afternoon, and see clouds rolling in from the east. (We drove home from our vacation today, hence being in two different places on the same day.)

Yanks just lost! We finally gain....

And no extra-base hits - 17 singles.
Hey Jere - any idea what Beltre has against Franklin Gutierrez? That tag on the shoulder to finish the rundown play looked angry. I'm surprised neither of the announcers mentioned it, even though we saw it live and then in slo-mo twice.
If Johnny Damon doesn't accept the waiver claim, that's it, he's in the Clemens-dead-to-me zip code.
Yanks -1 Red Sox +! :)

Jere, what do you think about Johnny Damon coming back to Boston?
On Damon: the guy's a moron and I hope he doesn't say yes to coming back. Doesn't sound like he has much interest in it.

On Beltre: It was weird, but I think it was more like he thought he was gonna get run into, so his push-back with the tag turned out like a punch. I was expecting to see them cut to a shot laughing about it or something. Because as we know he does a great impression of a REALLY PISSED guy before busting out laughing.
Yeah. Damon is a douche.

But given where we are right now, I'll take anything to increase the RedSox's playoff chances... it'll be difficult, but not yet finished.
It's official...Johnny refusing to come. Didn't realize that he could veto a straight waiver claim. Kinda a shame; the Sox obviously have very slim playoff chances, but he certainly would have helped a little. And yeah, he is a moron, but I would've gotten a kick out of seeing him come back to Boston for a month...even if it was against his will.

But if he thought he got treated badly at Fenway before, just wait until his next visit.

Sounds like Manny might end up as a White Sock.
I was reading his comments complaining about how he's the nicest guy in the game but is hated the most. Boo effing hoo.

Now I really can't wait till he comes into Fenway next year. But if he wussed out this year with that mysterious injury that acted up right when he got to Boston and went away the day he left, he may never actually step onto the Fenway field again.

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