Thursday, August 12, 2010


We should be 3.5 out of first right now. Instead we're 5.5. Last night the Rangers blow a huge lead to the Yanks, and just now we blew a 3-run lead in the bottom of the ninth. And the whole world is different. This is why baseball's the best sport, but also the one that most makes you want to KILL YOURSELF.

I feel like Deputy Gerard right now--I want this whole thing to be over because I could use the rest.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2010 American League Leader in Blown Saves....Jonathan Papelbon!

Time to pull the plug on Paps, Tito.
I predict that Papelbon will be on another team in 2011.

I could use the rest too, Jere...
Yeah, Q, it's pretty clear that the Sox (wisely) have no interest in committing long term to Papelbon, so now it's just a question of what's the best way to maximize the value they get back for him. My guess is that they'd prefer to milk him through next season, and hope that they can still get a couple of draft picks for him when some dumb GM gives him a ridiculous contract. But the way he's been going the past couple years, they might not want to take that risk, and very actively try to trade him for whatever they can get this winter. Either way, he'll be gone by 2012 at the very latest.
He'll be fine.
That's what I'm hoping other GMs nice if we could pull off another Tek & Lowe for Slocumb-Type swindle trade with Papelbon. I could see Omar Minaya grossly overpaying for him.
Is Pap's velocity down? I've seen his fastball a few times come in around 92-93. That is not dominating. If you're putting it down the cock at 92, MLB hitters will hit it. I didn't see last night's game, I'm just speaking of times I've seen him previously.
You probably missed it because it was a day game. Zing!

But I didn't see it either. Pap said everything he threw yesterday was up up up.

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