Thursday, August 26, 2010


As you know, a cab driver was nearly killed in midtown Manhattan recently because he was Muslim. The attacker was a 21-year old white boy from a town right near where I grew up.


Any blue-eyed, blond, white guys between 18 and 35 should not be allowed to move into apartments or start businesses or Jesus churches in midtown Manhattan. It would be insensitive to the the victim and his family.

All kidding aside, this is exactly what I'm talking about. That cab driver was violently attacked and all he was doing was going about his work day. It's no less tragic than what happened to each victim of 9-11. But just because it was one type of person that attacked others, it doesn't mean other people of that same type should be denied their rights.

This incident also shows that some people may put up a good facade, but are actually raging bigots on the inside and hate other people based on the way they look or what religion they practice to the point where they'll try to murder them.


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