Monday, August 02, 2010

Dragons v. Sox

Lackey, a fan grabs a fair ball, bailing you out of a run and you have a chance to get out of the inning unharmed, and THAT'S your 0 AND 2 PITCH to the Psycho-Ghoul? Gimme a goddamn break.

2-1 Ohio in the 4th.

8:35: Bill Hall, we've talked a-goddamn-bout this before. You hit a baseball, and you RUN TO FIRST. he guy just started walking after hitting a ball that hit 18 feet up on a 37-foot high wall. Costs him a double--and right on cue, there's the double play ball. Inning completely ruined. I tried so many times to make excuses for the guy, but these games are important. We needed runs that inning. I'd have pulled him right outta the game. 3-1 Cleve after 5.

8:40: Duncan with his third hit of the game. The first three-hit game of his career. (Congrats, Lackey.) I love hearing that because Yankee fans from Shitsburg to Craptown thought this guy was gonna be the AL MVP in 2008. Here we are in late 2010 and he just now had his first three-hit game. It's only his 8th multi-hit game in his whole career!

9:09: 6-1 them now. At least AJ did worse than Lack tonight. (I said "lack" on purpose.) Hey so Wakefield is now 44 years old. Don just said Yaz was 44 and 41 days when he retired as the oldest Red Socker. So the first game Wake pitches in from September 13th on will be the day he becomes the oldest all time Boston player. Cool.

9:25: Well we're kinda making a comeback but our second guy of the night got thrown out at home--and the Cleveland catcher's knee bent the wrong way, not quite Theismann but disgusting. 6-2 them.

10:05: With 2 outs in the 8th, Executive 3-run dong makes it 6-5. Almost there...

10:29: We lose.

You're dead on about Hall. His next AB (after the admiration of his long single) he grounded to the SS, failing to advance the runner at 2nd. Sure enough, the next batter hits a single that can only advance the runner instead of scoring him from 3rd.

Hall has done some good things, but I'm not sure it makes up some of the bonehead crap he pulls.
...and with Lowrie back we don't need Hall anywhere on the field.

Sports Time Ohio (Indians TV) was using the old logo. Thought you should know.
Haha, thanks Mista! I'm glad you're lookin' out for it now, heh.

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