Friday, August 06, 2010

Doggish Daze

Pretty nutty that after all the craziness with Lowell, he becomes a key piece with Youk gone for the year. Nice win behind the Exec's Grand Dong tonight, so we're 6 out going to NY. Sweep and we're 2 behind them.

We're still right around even with the first-place teams in all the other divisions. We knew we were in the hardest one going in, though--still, with all the injuries, to be where we are is amazing. Still time, people, still time.

Invented a new game with my friend Anthony tonight. Band-name Boggle! So initials count, but if you're lucky you can get a full name. Besides the obvious BTO and stuff like that, he got STYX, and I actually got UNSEEN.

Love the Unseen...I've seen them many, many times...I've even seen them cover the Darkbuster song "I Hate the Unseen" that's a great boggle word!
Speaking of you, we saw a young girl in a street dogs shirt last weekend at a decidedly unstreetdogs breakfast place.
Define "decidedly unstreetdogs breakfast place"...I work at a decidedly unstreetdogs asian restaurant...
like a neighborhoody place for families as opposed to a place they would go to on diners drive-ins and whatevers.

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