Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Crazee Aktion

Beltre had the right idea by stepping out in front there--but he shoulda followed through and charged the mound! I'm glad Beckett got out there and got into things. And I was so happy it was the Psycho Ghoul he was one he was jawing with! I wonder if my neighbor is trying to figure out why she heard screams of "I want the ghoul! I wan't the fuckin' ghoul!" coming from our place...

Classic NESN--sometimes once Don and Remy get a thought in their head, it becomes fact. They had time to come up with a full recap of who got thrown at, but since they'd forgotten about Darnell getting one pitch over his head and another that almost caught him in the face, those weren't part of the recap.

But all that a-proverbial-side, we got the win. Great job there by Lowell! And the Yanks are about to be out of first. Sweeeet.

Okay, post-game got the McDonald thing.

And the Devs have won. So we're 6.5 out of first still, and 5.5 behind the Yanks for the WC.
Psycho Ghoul


I didn't hear NESN post game, and the stories I read last night didn't cover this, but I'm wondering what got Francona worked up. He wanted a piece of Coach Stoneface - I'd love to know what was said to set him off.
They asked him about it in the press conf. and he avoided it by just saying he'd have one less Red Bull tomorrow....
What, no love for Bill Hall? Did you notice when he hit his HR, he stood and admired for about a half second, then broke into a pretty fast run to 1st base? I wonder if Tito got in his ear about the night before...
It was a fine dong for Hall--I noticed the pause 'n' walk, but I didn't see the ensuing sprint. I'll have to check a replay....
I've always referred to Shelly Duncan as Frankenstein, because he always looked to me like he should have two bolts sticking out of his neck, but Psycho Ghoul works too.

Man, I hate that ugly mofo. Funny thing, I saw his dad at a McGovern rally in Bridgeport, CT back in November '72 as a little kid (right after his Swingin' A's beat the Reds in the World Series). Yes, I know, I've mentioned that one before.
Yeah I've been using Psycho Ghoul since his Yankee days. (Google can prob. prove this!) I love that he has continued to be an enemy.

If you mentioned that I forgot. That's interesting...

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