Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Turned out to be a good win. I left the room when we had that early lead, came back ten minutes later and it was tied. Was about to go all John Quinn on Dice there. But then we won, and also I saw that commercial Dice is on and I was like, Awwww, Dice Kayyyy...

So we keep pace with Tamper, and the Yanks are still playing in Tejas.

Got a nice surprise in the mail today. Remember how I went to the 600th consecutive sell-out at Fenway? That day I was hoping for one of the commem. balls, like I got at the 500th. Or 456th. Or both? Anyway, they had the players throw them out to the crowd that day, we weren't given one as we left like in the past. Well, today, I got my 600 ball. I'm wondering if they just sent one to everybody who bought tickets by phone or 'net that day....

Conversation when Kim got the mail:

You got a baseball.

I did?

Yeah, you always get baseballs--probably has Gedman's signature on it.
Well, I went all John Quinn on Dice-K when he gave up that HR to Snider!

Actually, I didn't, as I was getting ready for Trivia Night at Thom's and didn't want to make a fool out of myself.
And the Yanks lose, Mo gives up winning run. I love that it was David Murphy that beat them!
I got a ball in the mail too!

Interesting, though, because I was at the game, but going back through all the confirmation emails from over the winter, my friend was the one who actually purchased that pair and she didn't mention getting one.

But I did go in early that day and they would have scanned my RSN card. My parents went in with me that day though, and they scanned my father's card too, and he didn't mention getting one.

Maybe they were sent to 10th Man/season ticket holders (even though that game wasn't in my plan)?

And here I thought I was going to have to wait for the brick sale to get one!
Okay, from that, I's say they went to 10-game plan people. And since we're the lowest in the STH food chain, I'd say ALL STHs got one! Which is a lot of balls! But it makes sense since they have that new "Season Ticker" newsletter--they're rewarding us. Or trying to make sure we don't go away.

Also weird that it didn't come from the Fenway address.

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