Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bottom 9 Live

9:45: The crowd is into it, we're down two, going bottom nine, here we go! Updating below.

9:46: Lowell pinch-hits... Yeah! Single.

9:47: Nava up. Yanks one strike away from losing their game... 2-0 on Nava.

9:48: God damn it. Tailor-made double play.

9:50: Fly out. We lose. I thought we were gonna catch some magic there. Oh well. Good homestand. Tamper Friday night.

10:00: Yanks leave 'em loaded in ninth, Granderson hits a near grand slam but it's caught, and they lose 6-3. I love that they almost came back but didn't. I bet Michael Kay got very excited. Now he'll just have to masturbate to the usual rhino porn instead of a Yankee win.

Kay wasn't doing the Toronto series, as I guess it wasn't big enough for him. Kenny Singleton did it with John Flaherty. It was actually less intolerable than usual.
Ha, I should have known--for the "voice" of a team, he sure misses a lot of games. But he still was watching so my point about his masturbatory habits still stands.

Yeah those other two aren't terrible, though I felt like Singleton was becoming more and more of a homer. (Haven't seen too many full Yankee broadcasts these last few years so I don't know how these guys have progressed.)
It would have been nice if 18-year veteran Wake had been a little more focused on fielding his position in the first inning...could have been the difference in the game.

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