Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Board Goes Back

No Don, the Red Sox are walking off. We lost. Leaving field. On foot. Rays run on the field to celebrate. Red Sox walk off. It's convenient--my annoyance of the incorrect usage of the term often corresponds with being pissed off about having just lost a game in the shittiest of fashions.

(Also, do you ever turn off the game right when a walk-off homer happens, and then wonder hours later if maybe the guy missed third or time had been called and the game was still going on?? So let me know if we didn't actually lose right there. This happened to me in the Aaron Boone game. After my 14-hour slumber that night, I didn't want to see any newspapers or anything--but had to check just in case the home run somehow didn't count.)

It looked good twice there--Ortiz after a big thunder clap* hits a gapper leading to a 1-0 lead. Then the late Victor dong had visions of October sweatshirt-baseball pogoing in my cranium.

Too bad their first run came because of a two-base throwing error. (Weird how that play and the following sac fly that tied it involved JD Drew getting the ball way over in the Rays' bullpen.)

Why do I get the feeling casual fans (and maybe some not-so-casual ones who just don't think of stuff like earflaps) were completely baffled when Zobrist had the wrong helmet--his "left-hand hitting helmet"...

So last night's results are canceled out but two more days have been erased...from existence! Just gotta start a new streak tomorrow--a rare Sunday night in Tampa.

And the Kalish somercatch from tonight may be the play of 2010, at least for our team.

*Don had said there was thunder outside the dome--they even showed the lights on the ceiling shaking. But I wonder if the sounds we'd occasionally hear were just foot stomping. If not, that was pretty cool that Papi did that The Natural thing. Not the lights exploding, the thunder-clap extra base hit. That either was or wasn't in the rain and had the cover of the ball either staying on or coming off.

We're both mightily pissed after this loss: the incorrect use of "walkoff" and the Rays acting like they just won the World Series.

I had a feeling they'd be really excited--but I really did switch the channel right as the ball hit the stands.

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