Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Been Meaning To Tell You

The Red Sox are actually making use of the little "promotion" icon on their schedule now. No, we're not entering the Yank-ified world of keychain and shoehorn gimmick-giveaways. But it looks like they're doing a few new things and actually telling us about them on the sked instead of just in press releases.

For most games you'll only see something about "Wally's World," which is a little thing they do for kids now on Yawkey Way. But there are some other things, too, like they're actually letting kids run the bases after one game, and letting old people get in early for another ("Silver Sox" day). And I could be wrong but I think as each game approaches, you can check that day on the sked and it'll show you who will be in Autograph Alley that night. (I think I suggested this on a survey!) We can see if that's true when the team comes home. Also, remember they said that once per month or homestand or something they would have a thing where players will pose for pics with fans? That is also shown in the little white promotion icon. Pretty much. I don't think it says which player, though.

So go check it out or something.

Red Sox at Canada, 7:07 p.m.

MFY are having "Plush Whistle Night" soon.

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