Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And They're Going Crazy

Today I heard some sports radio hosts wondering exactly why Bobby Thompson's home run was such a big deal. They knew why it was famous, but not why it meant so much.

I could give you a lot of reasons, but here's a big one: From the turn of the last century until 1968, there were two very different leagues, with no divisions. Winning the pennant was important. And the way you did that was having the best season--no playoff...unless two teams tied. That had only happened twice before, and there wasn't much drama in those tiebreakers. So for a team to come back in the pennant race and then in the final game of a three-game playoff and win the whole thing with one swing...there you have it.

RIP Bobby. Continue to live in, hopefully, relative peace (CTLI,H,RP) Ralph.

Red Sox-Angels, right now.

How exactly could anyone get a sports gig like that and not know the importance of Bobby Thomson's home run?

A sad statement on the state of sports talk radio.
I think the guy didn't get why it would be more important that a Game 7 World Series HR. The weird thing is, the guy was a Giants fan.
I met Ralph Branca years ago at the Borders bookstore behind my house when he was promoting his book. Very nice man, the woman promoting his visit was trying to get a Q & A session going, but I was the only one asking questions. His son-in-law is...Bobby Valentine.

You nail the main reason why the Shot Heard Round the World was such a big deal, but a secondary reason is because of the teams involved. Dodgers/Giants was the biggest rivalry in baseball at that time, as big as Sox/Yanks. And despite what oldtime Yankee fans will tell you, New York was a National League town up to that point.

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