Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Up At 1:30. Again.

Clay Buchholz/Dan Haren. Sounds like a German film with lots of close-ups. We win it 6-3--fine performance by HH overall.

Double dong night for Papi. His second was key, as was Drew's near-dong. Good to get some late-inning runs.

On Matsui's controversial HR, NESN had one angle. All those cameras, one angle. Maybe that camera that shows Scioscia's face after every close pitch could have shown it.

Don and former second baseman Remy criticized Lowrie for a slow turn on a double play attempt. Didn't you think Lowrie did all he could there? Scutaro should've given him the sidearm quick-throw, but instead gave him the underhand lob. So by the time Lowrie go the ball he was already past the bag, but still did all he could to get the ball to first as fast as possible. And they say it's his fault. Terrible.

I hate the warning system. They throw at us intentionally, and both teams get warned. Why don't I just shoot someone and as they lay bleeding, tell them "you better not try to shoot me, or there's gonna be trouble. Just sayin', you've been warned. I'm watchin' you..."? Then passersby could see the guy dying and say, "Look at that bloody mess...hope they warned that bastard."

A commercial during tonight's game used the line "makes a great gift for the holidays."

Another late one tomorrow night, and then you early-bird types are finally off the hook.

The late games should have been a good thing for me. I've become such a night owl that I've been getting home just in time to catch the last couple of innings or so, when that almost never happens with the east coast games anymore. Yet the last 2 nights I haven't even made it home for any of these games. Yeesh, I'm too old for this shit.

I'm still on the bus, but I swear the ride's getting a little bumpy since the A-S break. We've just GOT to get our regulars back, especially Petey and V-Mart. Well, and LBJ. And ..... nevermind. You could overcrowd a small hospital with our wounded. At least a few of them are starting to find their way back.
Yeah Victor looked fine last night, so that's good....and Pedroia was walkin' around, in the dugout anyway....

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