Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Under The Rug

Was busy after work so did not see Scutaro hit his game-winning grand dong. So that sounded sweet. And HR Puff'n'stuffs for Youk, Hall, and The Exec, too. Nice. And if Beckett is really the old Beckett, we're gonna be tough the rest of the way. A sweep of the 'los, and now we finally come home.

Okay I'll tell you. I walked down the red carpet for the first time in my life tonight! It wasn't very ceremonial, just like walking through any other door. Actually, did the Red Sox World Series film at the Wang in '07 have a red carpet? Anyway that's not the point--Kim won an award from Rhode Island Monthly, so we got to go to the ceremony. It's the type of thing that warrants a live TV show in our little state. So Kim's got that goin' for her. So feel free to buy some of her AWARD-WINNING Stella Marie Soap.

I felt optimistic as soon as Fernando Rodney was brought into the game. I'm sure he pitches well by times, but every time I see him brought into a game he usually walks the first guy he sees, and then finds as yet undiscovered ways to lose the game.
I know exactly what you mean.
Major congratulations to Kim! I have to order some more soap.

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