Saturday, July 24, 2010


I saw some article saying that the Yanks would have this dream rotation if they added Dan Haren to their already "formidable" rotation. Their next five starters are Mitre (who already shit the bed today), Hughes (5 and a half ERA over his last 11 starts), TBA, TBA, and TBA. (But that's when you happens when you do a "news" search but Google gives you results from the bullshit sites instead of the real ones. Which are also bullshit.)

The point is, with them getting injured and starting to bed-shit as Burnett and Hughes have been, and with us coming back from injuries, we should be able to gain on them. In fact, as Jon Lovitz-as-Michael Dukakis once said, "I can't believe I'm losin' to this guy." Or guys.

They went down 6-0 early, but have cut it to 7-4 against the un-trust-able Royals. We play late tonight. Should finish up in time for Metal Mania.


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