Friday, July 02, 2010

This Game (Updating) (<---Liar)

This game is just an hour and 55 minutes old as we go top 9! Crazy. Papelbon in. I am updating below instead of above.

9:08: Tool's Adam Jones up...K! One away. By the way, we're up 3-2.

9:10: I went to college with a guy named Weeder. And he smoked weed. Wieters up for the O's...two strikes....

9:12: Full count to Marijuana-er...pop up...2 outs!

9:13: Josh Bell...strike one....2...we're up....

9:16: K! A win in 2 hours, 7 mins. (Note that I love long games, I'm just pointing out the nuttiness of this.) More on this game coming in seconds....

Okay, briefly: Patterson vs. Patterson! And Patterson led off the game with a fly to Patterson. But McDonald got it at the last second. But each Patterson played a carom off the Monster nicely to hold guys to singles within a few minutes.

NESN almost missed that first Drew dong. How hard it is to see where the ball's going? Nice job by Drew with those two Jax, and good to see Nava get the game-winning hit in bottom 8 with 2 outs, even if it was a bloop.

Wakefield's moving up the W ladder. Fine job by him tonight.

We are a half game out of first for the first time in a good while. I'm seeing a game this weekend and I'd like to see the Red Sox be in first place in person. So...

And finally, in token outdated logo news: The new f0rd commercials are out for July. They're still the official truck of the Red Sox, and they're still using the old logo halfway through the its second season. Stubborn bunch. Even your average Josephine Schmosephine has updated her tire cover thing on the back of her truck by now...come on!

Also note that MLB teams wore white hats tonight. But the Red Sox and Orioles did not.

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