Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Thing. Again.

December 11th, 2008. We all sit and wait out the Red Sox' press conference regarding some kind of new uniforms or whatever. Finally, the news came out. Among other things, they unveil a new logo--a tweaked version of the old one. And it was reported widely.

A year and two thirds later, people still have no idea. I've given you several examples over these last 20 months, but today, Fox started their national coverage with OLD Red Sox logos flying all over the screen. This is pretty much the official network of the sport. How did they not get the memo? Are they like any other fool, doing a Google image search when in need of a logo? And since about 42 of the first 50 results for "red sox logo" come up with the old one, they just use it? So if we get a bunch of people to post a picture of a clown penis and title it "red sox logo," the official network of Major League Baseball would use that?

ONE MORE TIME (just kidding, I'll do this a million more times or as necessary), here was the OLD logo:

And here is the "new" (20 months is not a newborn!) logo:

And this is now officially the "secondary logo"--the socks by themselves became the "primary logo." So Fox, and so many others, are not only using the wrong logo, they're using an old version of it. As you can clearly tell, this stuff shocks me.

And this is ruining everything! Because like every other logo, the old one should eventually make a comeback and be used as a retro-fasihon thing, and finally the club will begin using it again, either on retro days, or as a full re-launch. If we never even realize the logo has changed, how is it supposed to ever "come back"??? Ruining the time-space continuum! I began pining for the old on that December night in 2008, yet others can't pine because they somehow still haven't heard the news! It's like being in an alternate universe!

Sox get Saltalamachia. Ken Rosenthal is an idiot. He says "you may remember him"...from the Teixeira deal. OR, Ken, a huge chunk of the audience, aka all Red Sox fans, DO remember him as one of the main guys we were told (probably by you) we might get to be the new Varitek a while back.

And RamRam is gone.

And Damon wussed out again today...
They should go back to the single anthropomorphic red sock swinging a bat logo that they used in the Fifties.

I got my son a little Sox hoodie that has the new version of the logo as a sleeve patch. It was meant for him to wear in the fall, but the way he's growing, he'll fit into it next week. I like the font better on the new one, since it matches the actual uniform lettering better. But I do like 'Boston' in navy outlined in red.

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