Friday, July 30, 2010

That's Just Shat Street

We're down 4-1, we give up 2 more late runs partly because of a play where Youk tags a guy out but they call him safe, and then we score 4 on a Papi grand dong in bottom 9, and then get two more runners on, only to lose 6-5. The Year of Repeated Frustration-Level Record Setting continues. Too bad Lester didn't have it tonight.

Damon wussed out and didn't play. That guys is one amp short of a DuChamp. Alternate theory: Fox paid to have his return be tomorrow for their game.

Kind of worked out for me: I gave up my tix for tonight, dumbass Damon doesn't play anyway, and we lose in horrible fashion. And I got to play softball. Went 2 for 4. So I'm a career .500 hitter in Rhode Island.

Added later: Okay, Don and Remy, and TC at the end, kept saying how the Red Sox couldn't muster up anything offensively all night until the 9th. Was I watching the same game as these people? We had runners on in almost every inning. Two or more guys on base in 4 of the first 8 innings. Why were they insisting on saying it like that? This was another missed opportunity game.


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