Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still Getting Stuff Inexplicably On

So a fairly recognizable donut shop has been making mixing the flavors of their frozen drinks lately. A recent web-banner ad for that company just implored me to "get my mix on." I just can't figure this out. It's 2010. A bunch of advertising execs sat in a boardroom. They said, "we've got mixed flavors here, any ideas?" And one jamoke stands up, tells the room with a completely straight face that he's been up all night on this one, and has finally come up with.... "get your mix on"!

And instead of this room of supposed professionals who constantly look at charts and graphs and focus groups, instead of rolling their eyes and watching as armed men escort the man out of the building, fired for being the very worst one could ever be at his job, all actually look at him and say, "Oh. Wow. That is perfect. I've never fucking heard that before. We have to run this god damn ad right god damn fucking now before some other god damn mother fucking person thinks of it."

Now don't get me wrong--I used to be a fan of this phrase. Dr. Dre got like 50 of his things on in "Let Me Ride"--and that was 1992! By 2000 I feel like it finally got to the point where we were all saying it about everything. But we're talking ten years after that now, and major corporations are still filling in that blank with their product name? Why don't you just put a picture of your drink or potato chips with the line "we couldn't think of anything" below it??

Red Sox at Mariners, 4:10 PM.

And Ice Cube got his grub on around the same time.... I feel like they were saying this in the NWA days, too. The point is, if the suburbs had it by '92, it's really, really old.

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