Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sox Win Series

Too bad we couldn't have taken just one of those last two crap-fests in Seattle--then we'd be on a 5-out-of-6.

Nice job by Lackey and Lowrie to-nite. 4-2 win. Yanks lost. Good night.

Have you tried this?

I did alright, but inexplicably forgot Damon until I had about 30 seconds left. Oh wait, it's explicably because I blocked him out...
Actually the Red Sox player quizzes are how I discovered Sporcle! Joy of Sox had posted one about the enitre 2004 roster. I was so pissed that everyone was like, "I forgot Leskanic"...he's like one of the first guys I think of from that team! In fact, he could have been Dave Roberts had the media focused on his performance more... well maybe not quite. But talk about a guy who's flown under the radar since then!
But GREAT job forgetting Damon.
So I take it you won't be giving Damon an ovation Friday night?
I'm actually not even interested enough in going, as I'm in the process of getting rid of my tix for that night. (But really it's cuz I have tix to another game in the series, and i hate getting there after work on weeknights--I'd probably miss his first AB anyway!) But, no, I have reason to cheer that doof. Maybe in 20 years when he has a Yawkey Way makeshift restaurant...
hmmmm.. what stage of the process of getting rid of your tickets are you in?
check yr email.

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