Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seattle Wins Series, 2-2

Pretty much the same game as yesterday. Close till bottom 8 (this time ahead by 1), then the implosion. Why didn't Oka throw to third? Why wasn't Papelbon even considered?

Gotta get our players back. Seriously.

I was just about to put up that same exact headline for my post, Jere.

What a bullpen shit show.

The Sox won't win with this pen.
Yeah, the Q stole my thunder (good to see that he likes soccer too), but this team's problems will only be partially solved when Pedroia/VMart/Ellsbury come back (if, in fact, Ellsbury ever does come back). Back in the spring I was concerned about the bullpen, but it's turned out to be far worse than I expected. This team only has one reliable reliever right now; I love Okajima, but he's cooked. This team doesn't go anywhere with the pen as it's currently constructed, and I don't see any way that Theo can fix that by the deadline.
Thing about these MLB relievers, though, is that they all pitch like one inning at a time. I feel like you can never really judge an entire pen. If each guy does well in that one inning in a game, the pen looks great. If they all shit their inning, it looks horrible.

Even Delcarmen--he looks like he forgot how to pitch, but to become awesome, all he has to do is learn how to get 3 outs every few days and that can happen.

Even in the new MLB world, there's still a little of that "the bullpen is where guys who weren't good enough to be starters go" in it.

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